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How to get inspired in 2023?

Bi-weekly live shows for businesses ready
to take on tomorrow.


Every two weeks live streamed
direct to your organization.


The complex made simple,
fast, and bite-sized.


Making exploration of
new ideas a habit

A creativity
vitamin shot for
your team

Example Episodes

Next week's show

Going Direct – tech fundamentals of the creator economy


Build your team’s tech confidence and unlock creativity


Complex topics made simple and digestible. Tune in habitualy to build knowledge.


Build your teams knowledge - build their tech confidence. Feed this confidence to unlock creativity.


Complex topics made simple and digestible. Tune in habitualy to build knowledge.

Educate, entertain and inspire your team


Live Show

via a private Zoom, just for
your team


Access to digital archive of past recordings


Slack community access for Q&A
and further discussion


Special edition shows for quarterly summaries

e.g. corporations

email us

e.g. schools

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What our clients say about us

I love stepping out of my usual, everyday rut and being exposed to people/places/things that I wouldn't have been. this is 15-mins that get me out of my comfort zone and widens my world view.

Creative Innovator, Nike

I've been uninspired and apathetic during the pandemic. Creativity hasn't come naturally lately. These sessions help me to get out of the tedium of daily deliverables and back into the mindset of innovation. Thank you!

Senior Innovator, Nike

OK Tomorrow lets me get a wealth of curated information that intrigues me and helps my brain think outside the box

Creative Innovator, Nike


Can I subscribe as an individual?

Currently, subscriptions are tailored towards businesses. This is to ensure we can focus on our mission of providing business inspiration at scale.

Please reach out at if you are interested but run a small team or if you're an indy consultant. We can work something out.

Where do you find the topic ideas?

Pragmatic Futurism provides strategic advisory to a wide range of companies, including Nike, Patagonia, and The Match Group.

Every day, we are researching, exploring, and creating with emerging technology. We use this perspective, plus a secret sauce internal process to fine tune the topics that we bring to OK Tomorrow each month.

Who's behind this?

OK Tomorrow is the creation of Pragmatic Futurism. There is a small but focussed team that does all of the research, storytelling and performance of the show.

Why every 2 weeks?

We think habitually exploring every 2 weeks has a far larger compounding effect than sporadic deep dives.

15 minutes every 2 weeks is far more effective at creating a culture of curious exploration than offsites, guest keynotes, book lists, etc.

You should continue to do those things.

We just advocate for organization habitually exploring, like a metronome. Tick, tock, light bulb.

The Business Inspiration Show

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